Perfect Finish PAINTING

  • High degree of surface prep
  • Right materials, steps & process
  • Fair pricing and assessment of job
  • Sustained focus on getting details right
  • Use of best paints and sheens for space
  • Detailed communication to ensure clarity
  • Accessible on phone most of the time
  • Passion to ensure customer satisfaction and generate enthusiastic referals
  • PFP "Partnership Plan" provides benefits to repeat customers and ensures follow-ups with existing customers to maximize ongoing customer experience


  • Cutting corners
  • Rush steps and use cheaper products
  • Overcharging and exaggerating what can be delivered
  • Doing as little as possible to complete job
  • Using cheapest paints to get biggest mark-up on final bill
  • Little communication
  • Little to no follow-up
  • Hard to reach
  • Desire to grab cheque and run